Modern Industrial Furniture. Handmade in Brooklyn From Reclaimed Materials.

Now for a little bit about Whiskey-Neat and our approach to furniture and design....


Whiskey-Neat started in 2011 by John Pellinghelli with the goal of creating non-boring furniture.


Sure, there are a lot of people building furniture out of reclaimed wood, repurposed industrial elements, whatever.  I like to do that too, because using reclaimed wood is good for the environment and it looks cool.


That said, I'm not going to be content to slap some old floor joists onto a former industrial sewing machine base.  Anyone can do that and that's not what Whiskey-Neat is.


Whiskey-Neat is my attempt at expressing creativity and having an excuse to occasionally maintain a handlebar mustache under the guise of 'maintaining artistic integrity'.


If you want to work with me then I can promise you this - we'll start with an inspiration, but what you'll get is an original, unique, and inspired creation.  I can also say that I've never left a customer unsatisfied, either that or they've been too shy to tell me.


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